Friday, March 15, 2013

Life after travels...

Firstly I would like to say its been SO long since I have wrote one of these that I just spent over 20 minutes trying to log in....

Secondly, I would like to warn you this may be the most grumble-some, tire-some, picture-less blog you have ever read.

So, what has brought me back to the land of blogging.... Well you might suspect, exotic trips to far away lands that need boasting of or crazy adventures involving native tribes and sky diving from planes above vast lands....You MIGHT...but you would be wrong. Very wrong.

For the past 6 months I have been stuck in the UK- and yes I do mean STUCK, for that is how I now feel.

I have decided to write this moaning and tiresome blog concerning my very precious first world problems as I have very little else to do. Oh and I have been talking to some fellow travelers about their experiences of returning home and we all seem to have similar problems.

Upon returning home (temporarily- or so we thought) to the UK, all was well. We had plenty of catching up to do with family and friends and Christmas was just around the corner. The plan was to celebrate Christmas at home then board a plane somewhere new and exciting in the new year. It's now March, I am still in Liverpool and it is neither exotic or exciting. Just to emphasize this point; Spring is a week away and yesterday it snowed.

What happened?! I ask myself this daily...

Firstly the euphoria of being home and (eating cheese/drinking wine) seeing family and friends got us. Hey we could get used to this, its nice and if we want a family one day shouldn't we be surrounded by such people (food). This then seemed enforced by peoples general opinions of mortgages, cars, babies, jobs and general 'first world conformist tripe' I had sworn to avoid at all costs during my 7am meditation sessions in Nepal.

Which I should probably mention, I completed a meditation, Buddhism and yoga course in Nepal just before flying home. I thought this would provide me with a 'Coat of Freedom Armour' and protect me from caving in to the above mentioned 'first world conformist...stuff' however it quickly deteriorated under the force of general opinion and home comforts.

We even started to apply for jobs. Oh Dear!

After 100's of applications and 0's of replies; Life got serious and serious is well depressing. There are no people in the UK telling you "If you want something you can make it happen" OR "Just follow your dreams". Those people stay away from countries in economic crises I guess. I like those people, they created in me a hippie laid back approach to life I never thought I would have.

Yet here I am, those people long forgotten or at times even thought of as ridiculous -they know nothing of how hard it is just to get a part time job in this country. I have been working as a teaching assistant and contemplating a life being a teacher- the holidays are good (this should probably not be my first reason I know), I love working with children and it provides travel opportunities. However, I am too late to apply this year and my job ends in 2 weeks. Perhaps its a sign, Buddha would definitely say so.

So, I am now in a land of OZ, I'm Alice of Wonderland...Wondering how the hell I can get out of here and back on the road of "Living Life", "Karma" and just generally feeling fantastic. I need a new country and an income, without the 12 month contract (I've a wedding to attend in September in the States) and I need them now.

How hard are such things to find!? Exceptionally.