Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December & Coffee shops in South Korea

Where to begin....well firstly I have been dreading winter in Korea as we have been told numerous times about just how cold it is here along with "Corey Teacher, I worry in Winter you get sick, no school, I worry." However, its now a week into December and its bloody marvelous! The sun is shinning every day and we seem to have a few colder days followed by some nice cool, even warm days (Sunday felt like spring). Furthermore, its rained once in the past 2 months (maybe longer), I think winter here is quite delightful. Although the real cold starts January and continues into February, we shall see.

Now onto the past weekend... We have been taking it easy of late, saving the pennies (December is so expensive, the boys birthday, Christmas, 2 holidays: starting December-February) and also I have been experiencing some strange stomach pains (food allergies? alcohol allergies? will get checked when I go home, in Korea they just tell me, don't eat spicy food, hmmm). So this weekend was quite relaxed.

We checked out the wonderful coffee shop near our house. Korea knows how to do coffee shops well, independent ones are usually pretty quirky and cool, although many of them blast the Kpop which I feel ruins the ambiance. However, this one is perfect, traditional styling and atmospheric tinkling's of music, I love it.

Coffee bean sacks

In my favourite coffee shop

Slow drip coffee funnels- a whole wall of them

British chair- I want it for my future home

Coffee sack wall

What a coffee machine

Another coffee shop- they like accessories in the shops including beer bottles!?

The drip coffee wall

Sweety Coffee Shop

Also delicious here are the bugers, especially at Gorilla Burger in Daegu. However, this weekend we made do with King Kong burger in Pohang. Pretty tasty.

The 'King Kong Burger'

King Kong is located down town off 5th street

They have small pictures (usually Polaroids) hanging up everywhere in Korea

So happy with her giant metal cup

We spent the rest of the evening at the cinema watching Social Networking which was pretty good suprisingly. The cinema is the one place you completely forget your in Korea as its the same as home and your watching an English film (with Korean subtitles, which I manage to easily forget about), then the lights come on and suddenly your a minority!

We then went to have a look at some christmas lights about the town, they really are great. Many of the trees around the town are lit beautifully.

Followed by some hookah and some arcade fun.

I love the basketball game


Hookah and fish & chips at Portobello 

Mario Cart race: Paul ran out of time!
 Sunday was a little more adventurous....coming soon, very soon.

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