Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Packing for adventures.

I have been packing for Australia over the last week, mostly trying to cram 'one more thing' into an impossibly small backpack (It's not that small 60+10 or so).

I have traveled a fair bit over the past 3 years but packing ALWAYS makes me want to CRY. Pathetic I know.

Australia packing is the worst.

It's like going into the realm of unknown, will we stay one year or two? Will we be traveling around or mostly in one place? Suitcase? Backpack? Summer Clothes only-what about USA?

Well, thanks to our 'teeny' 20kg allowance on our internal flight from Darwin to Kununurra...my options are slightly limited. So what do I decide to do?

Take a suitcase with a backpack inside. I am still wondering if this is completely ridiculous, in reality I am only fitting a few extra items in by taking both, however it does mean not having to carry my luggage through airports and coach stations.

This also means I will be able to use the backpack for traveling at a later date and for our trip to the States this Autumn.

What's your preferred luggage holder? Suitcase/Backpack?

Any packing advice for a year long trip (or more)?

How about an essential travel items itinerary? 

Perhaps I should go about creating the above, only I'm still yet to master the art of 'backpacking'. Ho Hum.

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