Friday, March 18, 2011

A hair-free phase?!

So, I am currently going through a phase of being quite in awe of females with shaved heads. This all began a few weeks ago with the release of Black Swan sending Korea into Natalie Portman swoon-ville. 

Now, she's a good looking girl, yes but next Mila Kunis, really?! In my opinion the latter is much more interesting and beautiful....but, then I came across a picture of Portman with a shaved head:


Now, I get it! Seriously, with a shaved head she looks edgy and her face is strong, without, shes just too girl next door for me (I know she's a damn pretty one, you wouldn't mind being your neighbor right?!)....and so began my new obsession of loving the shaved head look on women.

Its so strong and free (from gender conformity and of course hassle), inspiring and illustrates a huge amount of confidence! Its like a power cut!

Granted, not all people can pull this off (another reason why its terrific) and old Britter's (Spears) did a terrible job of helping me out on this shout out for the shaved head.

Well I only wish I had the balls (take this as you will) or face structure to rock a shaved head and utter respect to those that do, how liberating!

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