Monday, April 22, 2013

Trailing Down Under..

A few weeks ago we decided to move to Australia. Around 6 days later I booked our flights to Darwin!

I wanted to book them ASAP before we could start fretting over things and changed our minds.

Quite a few of our friends have been interested in the logistics of heading to Australia on a working holiday visa and so here are a few answers to the questions:

Working Holiday Visa: Entitles you to work in Australia for 12 months (staying in each job no longer than 6 months). 
Cost: £250
Process Time: Usually 6 days (Max).

Due to the fact we had lived outside of the UK (in Asia, more importantly) we were required to have chest x-rays. The nearest clinic was in Manchester and the scan cost £95. Our visas were confirmed within 24 hours of our X-Rays.

Check the Australian Immigration website for more details:

Flights: We booked our flights through One way to Darwin flying with Emirates cost us £530.

We then needed a flight from Darwin- Kununurra (Where we will be living for the first 4 months at least) which cost us £130 using Airnorth (

We figure £660 for our flights was pretty reasonable.

Other things to consider:

Australian Banks: You can open bank accounts online before leaving for Australia and collect your bank card upon arrival at a designated bank which is perfect. 

Some banks to consider are:

Commonwealth Bank:
National Australia Bank:

Tax Numbers: You can apply for your tax number upon arrival in Australia using this website:
Make sure you have a delivery address before applying.

We will also be applying for a bar tenders license upon arrival in Australia which costs around £50 and takes just a few minutes online to complete:
This license is essential for all bar work in Australia.

Now on to the more personal information... Where are we going? What will we be doing?

Source: Kununurra.
We are headed to Kununurra, Western Australia. The city is small with just 6000 inhabitants, half of which are Aboriginal. I can't wait to learn more about Aboriginal culture and I hope to get involved in some Volunteer work whilst over there.

The nearest 'big' city is Darwin in the North, a mere 10 hour drive. Or Broome, in the West, another 10 hour  trip. So, here's hoping Kununurra is a dream:

Source: Map of Western Australia.
We will be living in a shared house with a friend of mine and a few other people. There is a pool, need I say anything more. So very happy by this fact. Especially as it is now Autumn and the temperature is around 37 degrees celsius, BURN.

Upon arrival in Kununurra and once recovered from what I imagine will be severe jetlag (we leave 9am Thursday morning and arrive 8am Saturday Morning- How does that even happen!?) we are hoping to start work in a local bar and/or coffee shop. Having a friend who has arranged our entire lives for us has been phenomenal! 

At some point over the 12 months we are hoping to complete the essential 88 days agricultural work required to renew visas for a second year (just in case). However, we are hoping to make our way over to New Zealand and start a 'real, grown up, settled' existence over there, IF possible.

We leave in just 3 days and I promise that the updates of this blog shall be in direct correlation with internet access in Kununurra (which is apparently as rare as the green and golden bell frog).

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