Friday, October 29, 2010

My Korea

So when starting this Blog I was going to update you all on everything that had passed. However, I quite obviously have no interest in writing about such things as I have barely wrote a word.

Therefore, I shall be writing this Blog to deliver my verdict on Korea thus far, and then intend to Blog away from this day promises.

So, Korea...

Well Korea is a country which I fall in and out of love with at least 10 times daily. Theres times when you really can't deal with the worry of "Should I be holding this cup with two hands/ Will they think its offensive if I don't/do eat/say/do this", furthermore things like being treated like a child with a constant "Oh, you can use chopsticks/ride a bus to another city/ order your own food" and Korea is well, a very, erm, shall we say honest population. They all think your fat, oh yes, size 8 is the average here people and they are not afraid to tell you...after vomiting for 3 days my coteacher decides I should see a doctor, for this to happen we must inform the vice Principle (by the way my English is now semi-American). Whilst informing the Principle of our lil trip to the doctors, the secretary's are gigling and chatting about how "I look like I have lost weight so maybe I should not see a doctor and keep being sick" ..all in Korean mind.

However do not be disheartened because for every negative there is a plus, if not more...

The lil man that sits next to you one the bus and offers you his gum, the constant freebies because we are foreign and therefore get 'service', the 10 day old sweet a child digs into their pocket for and says "teacher for you" (I could go on and on about the greatness of school moments- I love my students!), the lil sneaky stroke of the arm when you are wearing a t-shirt for the first time because a student wants to see what you feel like (sounds a little odd I know), people wanting to speak to you on the street just because you are foreign and others being so happy when you enter their restaurant because again, you are foreign. The kindness and beauty of Koreans is truly magical.

Just look:

Jeju- Chuseok Festival

Nursery student at sports day

Halmonee (old lady) working in the fields in Jeju

2nd Grader Happy for a pic

1st grade dance

2nd grade dance

They are truly amazing!

Lantern Festival in Seoul

Sports day- Just grab people out of the crowd.

2nd grade teachers lead the dance

Clowns obviously are always fun!
 Most of the pics are unedited as the editing tool in school is surprisingly all in Korean but enjoy! I hope to, from this moment keep you informed on my happenings via this new to me and some what strange cyber means!

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