Monday, May 30, 2011

Korean Music.

Here in Korea the music hype is focused on the likes of Korean Pop music- Kpop. Which is fast infiltrating peoples ears around the globe and being warmly embraced due to its upbeat tempos and cheeky innocent sound (for the most part), its how pop music once was, before it was dirty and slutty (Although it can also be the latter here too).

Heres a little snippet of K-Pop:

2ne1 these ladies are a tad more gritty than the average Korean pop band and thus I like them a little more.

You have to love abit of english being sung from time to time though:
Miss A: Two members are Chinese much to Korean people dislike!

Then theres the boys:
Big Bang: The biggest boy band in Korea.

All this being said I no very very little about Korean Pop music and although Its not really my kind of music I can appreciate that is its fun and LOVE the dance moves!

I have however found a Korean band I can enjoy, 10 cm (ship cm- ship being 10 in Korean). This is there song 'Americano' which is huge here at the moment. Yes, its about coffee.

The song is both humorous and....sarcastic! Can you believe it. I am trying to learn the words with my co-teacher and the boy has been trying to learn the chords.

The song goes something like:

'Americano, its good, its good, its good.'
'Americano, strong, strong, strong.'
'Do I want syrup, syrup, syrup'
'No thank you.'

The verse goes on to talk about different situations when they need coffee:

  • After jajangmyeon (a cheap korean dish of noodles): Sarcasm, as the noodles are so cheap and the coffees so expensive.

  • After they pay the rent and have no money to eat....AMERICANO!!

  • When they have girl problems.

  • After a marathon.

Ah imagine singing about coffee back home, odd, no?! Here in Korea its just fine! They do love coffee.

Also in July we get to see them perform live at Jisan Rock Festival! 

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