Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My First (and probably last) ever half marathon!

So after 4 weeks of being unable to train due to a dodgy (extremely painful) knee, I made the possibly ridiculous decision to run the half marathon that I had signed up for when the going was good in April.
The 3 of us with our medals.

The week of the marathon I completed two 4 mile runs and one 7 miler, in my fancy knee support and therefore pain free (miracle!).

I don't think I was prepared for A. The 13 miles or B. The 29 degree heat.

The first 10K there was at least some breeze and we managed to do it in 56 minutes, new record for me. I was happy to have that as my achievement for the day. BUT, I had decided to run it in a bid to not let my good friend Kate down. We had signed up together and therefore shall complete all 13 miles of pain, sweat and a little bit of pee pee TOGETHER!

With 3 kilometers to go, and hour and 45 mins in, I wanted to cry/die/quit/question my mental state. Absolute agony, seriously. I walked between the final 2K and 1K, making myself feel better by telling myself 'the last 1K I will not stop, can not stop, must not stop, running.'.....and I didn't, although I was close to crawling over the line 2 hours 9 minutes AND 46 seconds (every second counts when your legs feel like lead) after crossing it initially.

Kate, finished in 2 hours and 5 minutes, she was heroic out there. Her aim was 2 hours but in that heat she ought to be proud of finishing in such a great time and a personal best for her fourth half marathon!

Another one of our friends Chloe also took part in her first 10K in Korea, finishing in an hour. Think in future I will stick to decreasing my time over 10K, I'm definitely more suited for power over endurance....but who knows what Autumn will bring! Now, I'm off to cream my severely burnt and peeling nose.

Well, here we are:

Kate finishing her half marathon.
5 minutes later, here I come.

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