Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Batu Caves: Blessings and Monkeys.

We had just over half a day in Kuala Lumpar and decided to spend it visiting the Batu Caves. The caves have been turned into a hindu shrine by locals and were truely worth a visit. There are numerous buses that run to the caves, ours took around 45minutes from china town. A friend told us a taxi takes just 10 minutes but the bus detours the local area which we didn't mind. There is also a subway stop at the caves so they are really easy to reach from anywhere in KL.

I hadn't expected the caves to be so 'animated', I don't know if that's the right word but check them out:

Inside one of the caves.

While there we met a man and his first child who had just been to receive her first blessing in life at the temple in the cave.

We also met numerous monkeys. They were entertaining to watch, breaking into the bins for food, stealing finished coconuts from the coconut stand that were almost as big as them, fighting over scraps and just monkey-ing about. Monkeys are pretty damn good indeed!

We had planned on seeing the Petronas towers at night but instead missed our stop and got stuck in the middle of nowhere for an hour while we waited for a train back and then decided to admit defeat and head back to the hostel. A pretty unsuccessful day in KL for us! But here are some pics I quite liked of the day:

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