Saturday, March 10, 2012

Let the trail re-commence!

Having put my teeny UK size 3 up my significantly larger backside (this is a very difficult task), I have returned to the world of blogging or as I see it 'writing my Mother and a few friends a very public note'.

So its been about 9 months since I posted anything-them half Marathons really take it out of you!

What's changed??

I have left the land of 'morning calm', kimchi and halmonees and set sail (boarded an AirAsia flight) for other lands of other things: Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal .......others to be confirmed.

Now, leaving Korea and the safety of life as an English Teacher...was it hard?

No, I was very much ready.

I will obviously miss a magnitude of things about Korea mostly friends, students, money, clothes shopping, Dalk Galbi, festivals and the ease of travel (to name a few). BUT, I have longed to travel the asian seas (skies?) for what seems like forever!

Now the real advetures can begin....toot toot!

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