Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another moment of glory

Ok, so I fear this blog may get taken over by me talking and talking about my students and the things they do that make me chuckle (at least my mum might still read it), however, I just can't help it! Also, most of these things really aren't funny unless you are there..but here I go anyway.

Today, during role play class (role play included a Sphinx that was asking tourists what day it was and if they were wrong he would blow them away making a noise "pheeeew") my students were particularly hilarious. As the dialogue was easy it meant they got to really think about acting, what joyous moments followed:

Smelly breath group: Decided the Sphinx had bad breath which killed them.

The group of death: Changed "pheeeew" for "You Die, oh my god!".

The mute rock: This group informed me prior to performance that one boy "no English", So I told them to pair him with another student. Before their performance, the boy, who is the size of a 5 year old (no joke) walks to the corner, crouches under the TV display and curls into a ball and the others begin to perform. I am lost, when they finish I ask my co-teacher "Why is he in the corner?" she shrugs and a team member informs me "teacher he is a rock"....bahahaha

Doesn't quite live up to my students telling me "Teacher he dong on chair" whilst acting this out, in response to me asking where a student was.

Dong=Poo in Korean and they weren't joking either! He really did dong on chair.

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