Sunday, November 7, 2010

Remember, Remember.....

This Friday marked our first 'Bonfire Night' in Korea. This being a British Holiday and the fact that I love love love any holidays and fireworks, we decided to make a lil fuss over the occasion. We also wanted to introduce our non-British friends to such traditions. 

We decided we would go all out! Paul researched the story behind the day, Guy Fawkes and crew, the plot, the reasoning, the capture and finally the death penalty. I took full responsibility of food and organisation, two areas I can excel in. The night began with stocking up on treats, marshmallows, digestive biscuits, chocolate and sweet potatoes. We then set to work on making a 'Guy' with limited funds (available for burning) and limited materials, we made the guy using 3 pairs of socks, nail varnish for decoration and ribbon. Quite the Guy...

The 'Guy' and treats.
 We then headed to Bukbu beach and had a little look-see for fire wood, with no success we sent old Captain Chris on a mission for wood whilst we bought fireworks. In Korea, fireworks are readily available, it would seem to all ages, although I am not 100% sure. The fireworks are sold on stalls on the beach and vary in type from roman candles to larger scale and back to hand held fireworks, no no not sparklers but actual fireworks you hold in your hand, point up to the sky (or other-as you shall see shortly) and fire away...CRAZY, yes.

Hand-held fireworks in Korea.

Once the fire wood was collected and boy did the captain surpass all expectations, making the fire began. We originally made a small but size-able fire for cooking the potatoes and making smores (smores are American= biscuit or Graham cracker if avaliable- no idea what this is, chocolate on top, melted marshmallow atop of that, sandwiched by another biscuit). However, in a self-admittedly egotistical fashion Chris decided to make a monster of a fire in clear view of passers by upon a beach whereby it is illegal to do such things, I love testosterone!
Our humble fire
Chris' victorious flaming glory!

The rest of the night went something like.....

Cooking on the fire.
Delicious smores, sweet potatoes and sausages cooked on the lil fella.

Face of amazement due to the potatoes actually successfully being cooked!

Burning the guy:

Sparklers, I love them so..


Firework wars, yes, irresponsible, yes, ridiculous an idea, yes, pretty fun and worrying to watch:

Chris happy after chasing Landis off the beach by shooting fireworks at her!

This truly was one of the greatest Bonfire nights I have experienced.

Last but by no means least, at the strike of 12 we got to wish Tawny a happy birthday and from there the birthday weekend celebrations for this wonderful lady commenced....

Happy Birthday you delightful thing you.


Coffee shops of Korea

Bowler hats

Indian food
  Yet again, a wonderful weekend was had. Daegu, Busan, road tripping, Indian foods, cup cakes, tasty beer, shopping, Hoduk (sp?), Tarot card readings, '4 spoons in a draw', Jim Dalk and the singing of happy birthday on command = One Happy, Happy birthday girl!

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