Monday, November 22, 2010

My first 'Thanks Giving'

This week we partook in our first ever Thanks Giving. Now, all you Brits may ask "What is Thanks Giving exactly?" OR "Surely, you must be American to do such things?" OR "Is it even that good to shout (blog) about?".....

Well, well I shall try to answer your questions (any more, feel free to post them). 
Thanks Giving is celebrated the forth Thursday of November and commemorates the Plymouth Colonists (English Folk) and the Wampanoag Indians (Native American Folk) coming together for an Autumn feast (at a later date they may well have pillaged said Native Americans, but all is forgotten upon this day- possibly everyday, I wonder.... Do native Americans celebrate Thanks Giving?)

Anywho, in respect of this original feast, Americans now come together to share food and say Thanks for all they are great full for in life.

NB: I may be wrong about any/ all of this, I am British after all.

For our first Thanks Giving, we went to our friends, Tawny and Chris's house. Also there was Landis (the oven bringer- what a great oven, such things are hard to find here) and importantly the main chef for the night, Chris's mum (or Mom) Suzanne. Chris's mum had come to Korea to visit and kindly brought with her ingredients for a Thanks Giving dinner.

Our chef for the evening.

 Served to us was...

Chicken (Turkey is impossible to find here and apparently very expensive once found)
Mashed Potato (powder style-I was dubious of such things but they were good)
Gravy (Thanks to our friend Matt Brown who sent us a parcel), Roasted Sweet Potato's, Corn Bread (I had no idea how bread went with what was potentially a roast dinner-but, but- It definitely did!), home made and delicious stuffing, cranberry sauce, salad (again a lil odd to us Brits to have with a roast but great nonetheless).
For dessert- apple crumble and to drink- wine.

The table to start

and to finish

We also maintained tradition and before eating we all said thank you for various aspects of our lives, good friends, great experiences and caring family was the main jist. 

The whole night was great and I believe at the very least England should adopt the celebration- who doesn't need an excuse to eat and we could all do with a moment of pause to say Thank you, furthermore as it was in fact English men involved in the original thanks giving all reasoning is covered!

I personally can not compare Thanks Giving to Christmas as Christmas for me is the most special day ever, but it sure was wonderful. It made lil Tawny Marie Clark ever so happy, I think she likes it more than Christmas and was worried about missing another one. 

Tawny with a place mat her mum had sent-possibly made, specially!

Finally, Thank you to Chris, Landis, Paul, Suzanne & Tawny for a delightful and unforgettable first Thanks Giving. I hope to one day experience it on American turf.

Pictures courtesy of Tawny Clark.

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