Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A holiday in the UK, surely not...

It's official, we shall be heading back to UK soil January 17th. Arriving January 18th in London. Departing February 4th for our second year in Korea.

Now, had you told me a year ago that I would one day be excited to return to the UK, I would have deemed you a crazy fool. To friends and family, yes, but the place itself, surely not! Well, well times have changed, I am in fact looking forward to EVERYTHING. A visit to the UK sounds perfect. I say visit as my desire to not spend my entire lifetime or even majority of my life there remains much the same- too many countries to see..

I kid you not of my excitement: I have in fact began striking the days off my calender and planning my precious time at home...

However, the majority of my planning has involved planning what I wish to eat and drink, heres just a few...

  • Passion Fruit
  • Mango
  • A real pasta bake made in an actual oven
  • Focaccia bread
  • Baked Potato's
  • Thai Food
  • Real delicious Pizza (we have managed to find good Pizza here, but types are limited)
  • Artichoke (on said Pizza)
  • Shepard's Pie
  • A roast Dinner
  • Many oven dishes - Oven's are rare and expensive in Korea
  • Good chocolate- Green & Black's, galaxy..
  • REAL cocktails
  • Delicious Beer
Maybe upon my return to Korea I shall have entered into new grounds, into the very very fat realm, at current I have been assured by my co-teacher "you are not very, very fat"
just very fat, perhaps?!

70 days left of missing.....

Laughing at my crazy mother, the bear, Nanny Sandy's warm little face, my brothers obsession with lifting me and being half naked, my wonderful nephews and sister, tortoise face Tony, Georgie boy or more my mum telling me Georgie boys emotions at present (Georgie is a tortoise), troll face's chuckle, a hug from Nicola (she love's them), being paraded around my mum's work as she tells them my life story for the hundredth time, talking Mr. Sheltons ear off, lots of rose wine and giggles with the adopted family,  dance off's, sleep overs, scouse accents, my favourite Irish lady, bum-chins, new and beautiful babies, the Linnell-Simmons tribe, Stocker's curly head, Shizzle, Cake's, Daddy cool and his lady, ...theres just too much.

Amazing Family's
Wonderful Friends
Happy, happy Times.

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