Sunday, November 28, 2010

Kate Robey- Our favourite South African.

This weekend has been a nice relaxed one, we got some much needed sleep Saturday (I've been pretty deprived recently). We spent Saturday morning playing guitar and downloading Christmas songs (oh yes I'm a bit excited). Saturday afternoon our good friend Kate came to visit, we hadn't seen her wonderful face for a little while and were rather looking forward to seeing her. 

We spent the weekend pretty chilled out, a few drinks, pool, darts, battleships finished off with smoothies and waffles- delicious! Saturday night I declared I would have nothing interesting to blog about (although the weekend with the monk is still to come) and promised Kate I would write her a lil blog. 

So here it is....

Kate Robey:


Smiling through life

Loves her some BB gun action!

Makes me :D
 I could write more but I think this should suffice. 

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