Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Caffeine Withdrawal

3 days into my no CRAP detox and I must admit I have broken the 'P' many times. Firstly, I didn't realise just how many foods are processed (does this make me stoopid?!). Also, not all processed foods can be bad for you, surely?! I'd love to eat a completely natural diet, however while living in Korea and being a fussy eater when it comes to cold food (there's not much hot food I don't like) lunch times are hard here aaaand I love cereal- both the cereal and milk are processed, lose, lose.

However, 3 days in and no caffeine nor refined sugar has passed my lips (I bloody hope theres none of the latter in Bran Flakes). The results thus far.... INTENSE 2 days of headaches, sleepiness (I've been in bed at 9pm and 7pm both days) and serious lack of motivation for life. I usually drink around 3 cups of tea and coffee a day and thought that was a pretty low amount, perhaps this suggests otherwise.

I have also discovered the research on caffeine withdrawal symptoms is endless, as are the side effects :( I am tempted to give in, especially as I must stay awake until at least 11pm the next 3 nights for Hapkido class and a run. I'm an old woman aren't I, yes. Caffeine makes me slightly more youthfull and energetic oh and tastes delicious.... 

So, whats stopping me!? I'm actually starting to fear what the hell caffeine must be doing to me. I felt pretty crappy after just 36 hours caffeine free and I'm hoping I will wake up tomorrow without this killer headache and sluggish body/mind. I think I am going to try and stick at this caffeine and sugar free lifestyle in the week forever more and just have some in moderation over the weekends. Let's see how long that lasts...

So glad Easters always on a Sunday!

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