Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Jolley Old Korean Birthday!

This weekend marked my second birthday in Korea. Oh how time fly's...It seems like only yesterday we were cycling around Gyeongju beneath the beauty of the cherry blossom trees-out to wish me a very happy birthday!

My celebrations began Friday in school, with a mini surprise party, cake, chicken and gifts...lucky me!

For my second birthday here we decided to head up to Seoul and indulge in some of my favourite things.

1. Shopping: Thats right I had a little spree.
2. Picnicing: Bread, cheese, biscuits, crisps and red wine all eaten at...
3. The Zoo: Seoul Grand Park Zoo is amazing! Its on Subway line 4 and takes little time to get to from central Seoul. The area features a Theme Park, Botanical Garden and Zoo. Ticket entrance for all + dolphin show is just 6000Won (thats under 4 pound). The Zoo is huge and new and the animals seem well kept which is nice as a previous zoo I visited here was in a pretty bad state.
4. Mexican Food & Drinks: SERIOUSLY over ate= no partying or Norebang :( next time.
5. Thai Food: Delicious spicy thai salad and cashew chicken with Sangria- oddballs.
6. Ice Cream Cake: My first ever one, it was 4 flavours, chocolate, mint, cherry and Almond. Which are pretty much my top 4.

I was also spoiled rotten by my wonderful friends here and especially by the beau. I now have 2 lovely new cameras (although one broke on Saturday hence the minimal pics, once my friends get theirs up I'm going to steal a few more for you to see), lots of cool new clothes, mini cacti plants for my classroom, pick n mix, a necklace-watch and jigsaw for hours of fun.

All in all my second birthday in this delightful country surrounded by the greatest people here was splenderific (sounds like something the BFG might say and he's the man so).

Our favourite breakfast delight!

Breakfast time.

Lost looking for the subway, tourist info please.

Thai Restaurant

Nom, Nom, Nom.
So schleeepy

What to do with the leftovers? Make a fort.

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  1. Looks like you had a bbbbbosss biffdee, I have low hopes for mine, bit of Africa oye... that's about it x