Monday, April 11, 2011


Today, I started a detox (kind of) and I fear that later today I will finish that said detox (positive thoughts).

So heres what I am trying for a week, no CRAP:

  • Caffeine (I think it should be carbs too, but I'd be lost and darn hungry).
  • Refined Sugar.
  • Alcohol.
  • Processed foods.

I've never really been strict with what I eat and I'm giving this a whirl out of curiosity and also as I'm bloody always tired at the moment. The A & P should be just fine. However, one morning in and I long for a coffee or a brew, I LOVE caffeine. 

Also, no chocolate, boo. A week without it won't be so bad to be honest. Also I'm going to go hogwild on the stuff in just under 2 weeks, as long as I am able to find enough on the Easter egg hunt to do so.

Until then I'll be chocolate free. Rooibos tea (its caffeine free so I'm told) and water shall be the only liquids to pass my mouth. No treats or caffeine pick me ups.

I'll be amazed if I last a week and I'm pretty sure I'll break it a few times unintentionally as I'm a little unsure as to what qualifies as processed or what has refined sugar or non-refined, blah blah. I shall try.

If in a week I feel like a whole new being, I might stick at this no CRAP stuff. Then again...

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