Friday, April 1, 2011

Moments of....oddness.

Ah Korea, never does stop surprising me!

On my journey to the school toilet this morning I was met by crowds of bustling students brandishing white sticks in the air. The students were all happy and energetically waving their white sticks. Upon seeing "Colee Teacher" coming toward them they leapt at the chance to proudly show me there white stick. I was confused. Especially as I turned into the bathroom to see a mob of students waiting for the toilet, white stick in hand...

Routine pregnancy testing at primary school!?!? Pahaha, perhaps thats the trick.

Seriously though, they were so happy to show me their pee sticks! Even happier when they thought I had come to the bathroom to join in on the pee-party.

Luckily not one child was using the 'western toilet' and all were waiting on the squatters, perhaps they improve your aim.

Upon leaving the bathroom I noticed a sheet of paper on the windowsill in the hallway with a numbered table and some of the pee sticks attached. A teacher then appeared and tells me 'pee test day'. I told her the students had been proudly showing me their pee-sticks to which she replies 'no,no toucheee, dirty!'

So, my first 'pee-stick day' has arrived in Korea. Maybe its my turn later?!

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