Monday, March 28, 2011

My first ever 10K event

Not only did Sunday mark my first ever 10K event but it was also only about the 5th time I have run in 9 months (how lazy). Kate and I had decided we wanted to do it in an hour. We figured this was a good time considering how little we had trained and would be a good starting point for our training for the half marathon to come in May.

It took us a while to find said 10K, we had expected a large event. However there was a tiny tent and banner marking the start point with around 20-30 people waiting to begin. Most were middle aged plus, waiting to do a half or full marathon and looking like retired athletes! We thought we had actually turned up to a club run.

Anyways the race went well and was located in a beautiful area of Daegu which made it a little nicer. We finished the race in 56.40 which we were both very happy with. Now, on to the next race in April and the half marathon in May.

Looking rather rough after the run!

My certificate and medal!

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