Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Birthday in Korea.

December 16th, the day of birth for quite the fella. My fella you might say.... So yes, Thursday marked Pauls first birthday in Korea. Now, celebrations away from home can be hard, so I tried real hard to make it special.

Thursday morning I made breakfast and awoke Paul with renditions of 'Happy Birthday' (pretty awful way to be woken). 

However, following breakfast we had to go to school, no such things as Birthdays for Teachers.

After school we went to the cinema to watch ' The Tourist', which wasn't always the best choice, theres quite alot of foreign language used in it and the only subtitles here are Korean. After the film we headed to an Italian in Edong and filled our boots:

Followed by coffee and cake (lot's of) at 'Coffee Therapy', delicious.

The birthday celebrations continued until Sunday, a suprise weekend away. (I spent 8 weeks trying to plan a snowboard trip, but failed. However what took place was alot of fun!) So, check back for all the details!

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