Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where to see the New Year in?!


Oh yes in just over 24 hours we will be boarding a plane Philippines bound! This shall be the first time we will leave Korea since arriving in February and I am so excited I have no idea how I will sleep tonight!

Our plan whilst at the Philippines is:

  • 2 days in Cebu- See in the New year, cycle a mountain.
  • 1 week in Bohol- Chocolate Hills, Tasiers, Snorkeling and soooo much more.
  • 5 days in Puerto Princesa- Underground river, beaches, dolphins.
  • 1 more day in Cebu- Lapu Lapu before departing.

Back to Korea, quick dash home, change the summer bags for the readily packed bags prepped for the harsh British Winter and off home we go!

I shall try to keep folk up to date on here, but no promises (I promise to tell all upon our return however- imagine the photos)...I'm sure if we have internet at the hut I could spend some time lounging in our hammock, rum in one hand, blogging away!

Oh I just can't wait!

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