Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Moments of greatness...

Just this afternoon one of my wonderful students (quite possibly my favourite-I know I shouldn't have them but this girl is exceptional), came bursting into my classroom in quite some haste. 

She was also shouting "No Teacher, No!" Once she got close to my desk she began telling me "Teacher, I need you, Teacher I want you" I was very confused...

Next to follow was "Teacher you go Yungu (England) why Teacher, I need you here"...

Lisa dancing on sports day!

Her moment of panic made me chuckle. How will I ever leave?!

Her friends then tried to explain their homeroom Teacher had just told them the PE Teacher, My CoTeacher and myself would be leaving. This had left little Lisa in despair! 

I explained I would not leave until February 2012 when she was a 6th grade student and had turned into a little monster. All was well....for 2 minutes then she turned and said "Teacher just one more time?" with the saddest little face.

I may have to stay, at least until she has left this school, no all through her education, I shall just move from school to school with her. Simple!

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