Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Moments of Greatness....The boy behind the words (most of them)

This is Shinee, whose comical words regularly feature on my "Moments of greatness" posts and sent me this Christmas card:

To Corey Teacher, Merry Christmas!
I want a baby boy and Touch Phone.
I love baby boy and you.
Goodbye Teacher.
Shinee, Pak Byong Song

What a lil man! He acts out everything for me with the greatest of facial expressions imaginable and LOVES the word 'maybe'...

'Funny Face'

Korean Pose 

'Grandfather Frog!?'

"Teacher maybe you good"
"Teacher maybe you pretty"
"Teacher you pretty, no maybe, no"

I told him last week: "Shinee your hansome, maaaybe" to which he laughed and had a slight look of pride over the fact I understood his humour. 

Can't you just see what a cheeky lil chappy he is!

He has also told me "maybe I love you Teacher, maaaaybe", to which I mimed "Heartbroken".

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