Thursday, December 2, 2010

Korean School Punishments

Punishment in schools in South Korea can be pretty shocking stuff when you come from the PC controlled world of the UK. The main punishments I see frequently in my school are;

  • Making students hold their arms up in the air for long, long periods of time.
  • Telling students to put their hands on their heads (a favourite of mine, it has become my lifesaver and is a very mild form of punishment, I think)
  • Having students kneel on the floor with their arms up in the air.
  • Making students clean: Now students have to clean their own classrooms so they are usually sent to clean non-homeroom classes (such as mine) as well.
  • Holding a bridge position- hands and feet on the floor, bum in the air, for long durations of time.

I've heard tales of much more severe punishments also. I even heard one teacher left because she couldn't handle seeing it.

Well, today my co-teacher made 2 girls in sixth grade who are the Vicky Pollards of sixth grade hold the bridge position for a good 10 mins and as he caught the girls kneeling when he was not looking he decided to pour water beneath them should they want to rest!

Imagine the consequences in th UK!

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