Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Joy in Donghae School

This week is my final week of teaching for 2010 (in my school that is, I have winter camp in a different school), so I decided to make Christmas Cards and letters to Santa with my 3rd and 4th grade students (Aged 9 and 10). It was truely joyous! We had Christmas music and films on in the background, I wore a Santa Reindeer hat and Christmas Jumper and the students told me they were "Very happy because Teacher is Rudolph".

Heres some pictures of the process and the outcome:

'Monday Boy' wants a bicycle

Kevin: The most enthusiastic child you could wish to meet!
Kevin wants a soccer ball

Ardellio: Charismatic lil chap!

This Kid is great, awesome student and pretty hilarious. Last week he came in with a jumper that had a face thats mouth opened and he began to eat everything on my desk!
He wants a notebook and Santa wants a pie.

Mischievous little fella
"Love Corey Teacher" apparently was meant to say
"I love Corey Teacher."

Amerikid: The Secret Spy.

I also had a few cards given to me:

At the end of each class some students began to worry how Santa would get their letters or cards and I decided they should place them under their pillows Christmas Eve and Santa could read them. I took the cards in, placed them in a bag with Santa on and told them I would send them. To be honest I didn't expect any of the students to 'believe' in Father Christmas so I was a little unprepared for such childlike wonder, it did make everything seem all the more glorious!

Just because.

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