Monday, December 20, 2010

Hanoks and Twister: A celebration of the Mister

The Birthday celebrations continued through the weekend, oh and how wonderful it was!

Friday night we headed to a local restaurant that has become a favourite of ours recently. The restaurant serves delicious spicy Chicken galbi on rice, with cheese (of course). Following the huge gorge (the portions are massive), we headed to 'Sweety' coffee shop for drinks and caaaake. Renditions of 'Happy Birthday', gift giving, animal hats and attempts at the english accent whilst eating sausages followed....

Ah real rum in Korea

Penguins that warm your hands!

Saturday, we headed to the nearby city of Gyeongju. The city is rich in culture and is absolutely beautiful year round. 

In winter theres cabbages everywhere in place of flowers!

I had booked for us to stay in a traditional house known as a 'Hanok' or 'minbak' or  as the owners also live there. It was a sleeping on the floor affair, a floor which was heated, heated so much I feared I may suffer second degree burns.

The door to our room

The 'Sillabang' minbak, situated close to the train station was everything I had hoped. Costing just 12,000W per person (thats about 7pounds) we couldn't have asked for anything more. Ondol, traditional surroundings, traditional tea and more...

 We were segregated by sex (the boys even got a double mattress in their room) and felt like naughty school kids on a school trip whilst playing twister, jenga (and all kids of creative games with the Jenga blocks) and drinking a little wine in the boys room.
The little hint of orange you can see is my 'Kings' crown, the aim was to knock down your opponents King


We did head downtown later for dinner and drinks but everything was closed!! For 11pm in Korea this is shocking! Even the shops in most cities are open till 11pm and restaurants and bars never seem to close...we felt a little cheated.

The following morning we rose and congregated in the minbaks tea room for traditional Korean tea. Following a brunch of delicious pretzels and coffee at a favourite chain coffee shop of ours 'Tom n Tom's' we headed to Bomun Lake to play ' Survival'.

Freshly baked pretzel, so addictive!

Survival is like paintball, although we were a little unsure as to exactly what it entailed we figured it was either in fact paintball or perhaps bbguns or lazer quest-esque. However, upon arrival in Bomun the Survival place was closed :(

Good job we were in Bomun Lake though, plenty to do....ride ATV', boats, bikes of all varieties, Theme Park, water name it...

We decided to throw money, rocks and tangerines at a frozen part of the lake (brutes). HA. It was great fun and that ice was thick!

The ice we tried in vain to break through

After our moment of being childlike rogues we decided to head for a lovely ride in the duck boats, but wait thats too boring, we must instead race across the river. With Paul and Chris throwing chinks of ice at us, great.

A lil over excited OR just an idiot, I'm never quite sure myself.

The day ended in a sleepy bus ride home to Pohang. Followed by homemade Hodok (Korean pancakes, ridiculously tasty) and smoothies, life is good.

Quite the chef me.

Thanks for yet another delightful weekend!

Take one
Take two

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