Monday, March 28, 2011

Eating, running and Eating some more.

So this weekend was a weekend of relaxing, eating, shopping and running!

Early (very early 8.20am in fact) Saturday morning I headed to Gumi to meet up with my friends Kate and Adalet. I arrived in Gumi around 10 (thanks to the direct bus, if you make the mistake of missing this infrequent blessing it takes an extra hour to get there) and headed to Kates new abode. On entrance to her new place I was hit by mass amounts of sunshine, followed by mass amounts of jealousy! Our place gets no sunlight, a brick wall greets us inches from 2 of our windows and the sunlight creeps around the corners of three buildings out of another window. Its dark and gloomy but we have made it cosy.

Kate's place was perfect, she deserves it!

We then headed downtown for a wander about. As Kate and I are both food obsessed we soon started discussing lunch (and dinner and how many snacks we could fit between). This is what we gorged on for lunch: 

Cheese Dalk Galbi: Chicken in a spicy sauce.
Placed into a leaf with garlic, bean paste and some chilli if you like.
and stuffed in the mouth!
It was THE best Dalk galbi I am yet to have here. Delicious. This is one of my favourite Korean dishes.

Following lunch we explored a little temple close to Adalet's home, it was rather pretty indeed...

 after which we headed to Gumi market where we witnessed such things as...

Rice cake fest- this is a traditional cake in Korea made from ground rice and is a great gift idea for Korean friends or colleagues. 

Turtles- To eat (mother look away)! We were told they are delicious and taste like chicken.

Mini Kimbap buffet.

The market trip was followed by shopping and more eats:
Italian restaurant...sangria?!

Must check out this restaurant next time.

Pretty sweet Italian.

The day ended in an early night ready for our 5.45am wake up call...

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