Saturday, March 19, 2011

JUMP! Seoul

A few weekends ago we took our good friend Kate to watch JUMP in Seoul for her Birthday. Jump is a martial arts comedy show and has toured the world with exceptional success. We were real excited to actually go to a theatre in Korea and the show didn't fail us in any respect.

Although we were unable to take photos during the show, the actors lined up for pics and signings. We purchased one of the wooden blocks used in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido shows (also within the show Jump) and had it signed by all the actors.

The 'couple'

The Grandfather

The Thief

The Narrator

The Drunken Uncle

The Cast

The show was exceptionally entertaining and humorous. The show features little spoken dialog and all that was included was actually in English, therefore its easy to follow for foreigners to Korea (its basic english so those from any country would be fine). The martial arts skills involved in the show were close to miraculous and members of the audience were hand picked to be involved in the action.

I would highly reccommend checking the show out if your ever in Seoul or Busan. To book tickets have a little look on here.

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