Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring teaser

Yesterday was a glorious day here in Pohang. We were sure Spring had arrived. Until we awoke today to rain, alas!

So heres our day in pictures:

The day began with a huge and wonderful breakfast...

Followed by a stroll along the water front....

and down to the beach to socialise with fellow English Teachers.

Followed by Curry at a new restaurant on the beach named 'Sweet India', it was delicious although some what lacking in meat. However, it did only cost around 5 GBP for a curry and a naan.

The day ended with ridiculous amounts of Soju being consumed by the beau and I, our good friend Caspar, a new arrival Kerry and 2 new Korean friends Hong and Clare. It was a great, great night.

Today- 'We die'.

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