Monday, March 14, 2011

White Day in Korea

Aha, today is 'White Day' in Korea, one month on from Valentines day and its time for the boys in the relationship to pay back the girls (ridiculous I know). In Korea the gift of choice and of course thats all people's choice (being Korea and all) is sweets!

So, yes, I do have a boyfriend but no I shall not be celebrating White Day (I truly do not enjoy neither Valentines day nor this new day imposed upon me by Korean society). However, in a way that only there sweet little round faces can, my students have made me enjoy such a day, a tad.

They have bombarded me with lollipops and sweets throughout the day and they have looked so very happy doing so! My co-teacher tells me most students probably even purchase the sweets out of there own money (which I'm assuming is 'pocket money').

What they do not realise however is...that in a few weeks when there happy little studious faces get to the beloved and longed for 10 sticker mark in their books and they bounce on over to me for 'candy'....theres a high chance they paid for it!

Every days a holiday here, see also

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