Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pop a squat Grandma.

Following our glorious 10K today (info shall follow shortly) we were en route to the subway station only to witness a sweet old granny, pants around the knees, bare backside out, squatting a little off the pathway and I'm hoping having a widdle (she had been there a while as we could see her from the distance so a number 2 isn't out the question here!).

SERIOUSLY! It was an horrific sight, yet not so unusual here in Korea.

That's right here in the ever so respectful, use two hands, confucianist society of Korea, public peeing is erm 'excepted'/'OK'/ 'tolerated'. Whatever the Koreans view is, it is quite common to see men peeing here there and just about everywhere. No, they dont hide away like those who risk a fine might in the UK. They get the urge drop em, turn away from society (most of the time) and go!

This however was the first time I'd been witness to the female public pop squat and oh how I hope the last. I must add all men I have witnessed performing such acts are usually elderly so perhaps with age and thus respect in Korea comes the freedom to whip out your dangley and have a widdle!

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