Friday, March 25, 2011

The weekend approaches....10K time!

Ah its Friday, glorious....

The weekend that is ever so near shall be spent relaxing in Gumi Saturday followed by an early night in preparation for an even earlier morning on Sunday.

This Sunday Kate and I shall be running a 10K, I say running, I hope to run it all. Now I know 10K is not very far in the world of running, in fact my university tutor once told me:

 "Any person of average fitness (as in whats required to be healthy) should be able to run a 10K, easily." (Physiology tutor LJMU).

An that guy knew his stuff.... So the run should be a breeze, ha. 
I was hoping to get a few runs in this week, give myself some confidence. However, it would seem my lovely adorable students have again been delivering their germs to me. Consequently I have been wholly sedentary.

6 miles isn't actually that far but I was hoping to get a good (ish, for being me) time to spur me on for my next one in April, followed by the half marathon in May. Yes thats right, I hope to run a half marathon in May.

I started training for one last year and was up to running 10 miles once a week as well as 3 shorter, faster runs. However my running buddy at the time departed and I lost motivation, shame on me! 

This time I am self motivating (with a GPS watch to help), it also helps that running in Korea is fantastic.  Firstly I can run alongside the beach front for up to around 14 miles or so (should I ever be crazy enough to want to do so). Secondly, Koreans are always out in mass on the routes I run, power walking and find a little waygook running either a. unfathomable or b. motivational. I have come to these 2 conclusions as I usually get a solid stare or as I run past a walking fellow, I find them then jogging behind me, usually for around 2 minutes maximum-I am inspirational.

Theres also the constant shouts of "PIGHTING" with clenched, no they don't want to give me a swift left hook, " Pighting" is similar to 'good luck/good work/keep going' in our culture. Although it might just be that I'm training so hard they assume I am in fact a female Rocky. 

What ever the reason Koreans LOVE to spur you on with good luck cheers and I love them for it.


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